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MGandhi Chakrabarti - my avatar for the project…March 12 – April 6, 2008* R&D Production Space, Eyebeam Art and Technology Center and Online in Second Life
*rest days: March 17th, 24th and 31st

Welcome to my new blog for my online performance project to reenact Gandhi’s famous “Salt March to Dandi” in Second Life. I am presently a 2008 Commissioned Artist at Eyebeam Art and Technology in New York City. Eyebeam is hosting the premiere of this new work to reenact Mahatma Gandhi’s famous “Salt March” online by recreating the event as a “walk” across cyberspace to take place within the confines of Second Life using a specially converted treadmill to control my avatar. Over 26 days I will walk throughout the confines of this internet based community to reenact Gandhi’s famous 1930’s march to protest the British salt tax in India. For this performance work, I have converted a Nordic Trak “self-powered” treadmill upon which I will physically walk the entire 240 miles of the original march – my steps on the treadmill will control the forward movement of my avatar “MGandhi Chakrabarti” in Second Life – thus both physically and virtually reenacting this seminal march of protest. The treadmill will also be designed to hold a keyboard, mouse and monitor – visitors to Eyebeam can watch my progress in the game via a large video projection. Others are welcome and encouraged to walk with him online in Second Life. Visit this blog for daily start locations, updates and information regarding the project. Pictures of the treadmill set up coming soon!

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