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and please don’t forget…

tomorrow – April 5th, 12-6pm – Last Day of the March!

Final steps, Eyebeam Island Saturday, April 5th, after 5pm:


Saturday, April 5th marks the culmination of Joseph DeLappe’s 22 days and 240 miles of walking on a treadmill to control his Gandhi avatar walking across Second Life to re-enact the Mahatma’s “Salt March to Dandi”, the seminal 1930’s protest against the British Salt Act of 1882. On this, the final day of walking both on the treadmill at Eyebeam, New York City, and in Second Life, the public is invited to either visit Eyebeam to witness the final steps of the march or join MGandhi Chakrabarti in Second Life to virtually walk the final miles.

The final steps of the march will occur on the Eyebeam Island in Second Life, MGandhi Chakrabarti will arrive some time after 5:00pm Eastern time:



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On the treadmill, MGandhi Chakrabarti in SL March 12th, 2008Spent my first day “marching” in Second Life. Walked approximately 10-11 miles on the treadmill taking a circuitous route starting at the Newcomb Sandbox at 12 noon this morning. Prior to the start of the march, I reenacted Gandhi’s famous speech given the night before the Salt March. Here is a link to the text: http://www.mkgandhi.org/speeches/dandi_march.htm

The walking was invigorating and exhausting – this is a self-powered treadmill – meaning no motor as most treadmills use electricity to power a motor that makes the treadmill move – my Nordic Trak Walkfit is an old school treadmill from 1994 that only moves when your walking propels the tread under your feet. The experience in SL today was very interesting – I started at the southwest areas of one of the main islands and will be working my way around this mainland for now. I’ve set several rules for myself, no flying or teleporting (this will likely be violated if I am to get to any of the countless islands in SL). For now, I am sticking to the larger swatches of land. Walking has already proven to be quite a challenge as SL has not been master planned for pedestrians! Private property and difficult to decipher maps make for an interesting journey to find the most direct route around SL for the march. I’ve often found myself backtracking to get to bridges or sometimes just walking underwater.

My basic navigational strategy is to head towards groups of people. When I find them, I often say hello and tell them what I am doing, also offering individuals a gift of a copy of my walking stick that includes a note describing the reenactment project, including a link to the blog. I am posting a two pictures here today, one of me on the treadmill at Eyebeam in NYC, the other is of MGandhi Chakrabarti in SL.

Also of note, an interesting little story first appearing in Men.Style.Com:

which was picked up and published just now on Wired.com:

Interesting contrast between the differing titles for these identical stories.  FYI I did not say I would be wearing “Jesus sandals” I said I would be wearing “tiva” sandals – interview took place on the cell phone while walking to Eyebeam so likely garbled.

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