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A very fascinating day of wandering about Second Life. I’ve posted large group of pictures here to better describe the day. I’ve now covered 218 miles of the 240, two days to go!


I found myself, through the process of island hopping, arriving at Odyssey Island Contemporary Art and Performance (http://slurl.com/secondlife/Odyssey/17/60/24) which features documentation and hosts the events of fellow online/gaming performers! (some friends, some email acquaintances and such). Quite pleased to stumble upon this island that highlights and supports the work of experimental online performance artists. Above see a picture of Gandhi with two rotating spheres, originally, I assume, “rotoreliefs” by Marcel Duchamp which were rotating electromechanical sculptures he first displayed at an industrial fair in Paris to the bemusement of the attendees. (btw, one of my favorite artists of all time).

Below, posing for a snapshot in front of documentation of fellow re-enactors, Eva and Franco Mattes and their recreation of Chris Burden’s performance work.


Here is Gandhi in front of a large sculpture outside the main gallery area on Odyssey.


Posing in front of an image of Second Front (the only Second Life based performance collective), this being an image of their performance to reenact the Last Supper.


Standing on some curious beach towels looking out at a sailing ship.


Climbing a series of beautiful volcanoes complete with bubbling lava, be careful Gandhi!


Gandhi at a Texas line dance (he does not care for country music).


With a pink flamingo.


While passing through the corner of a region, came upon this fully shrine to Jesus.


And this I think is Mount Wolfmore – great sim area that I believe is based on Japanese anime charactors.


Gandhi visiting a trailer park, quite nice to see something seriously realistic for a change.


Not to mention the Airstream trailers on the backside of a wonderful sim of New Orleans – assuming these reflect the state of things post Hurricane Katrina – these were just off of a lovingly reproduction of Bourbon Street and such.


Gandhi on the very different and bright Ben and Jerry’s island. Curious as Gandhi actually scolded some of his followers on the Salt March for accepting ice cream from well wishers met on the way!


Gandhi with a Ben and Jerry’s cow. (the first cow I’ve noticed in SL, many horses and unicorns, but don’t recall any cows save for this one).



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