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Here are some images of the completion and exhibition of the 17′ cardboard papercraft Gandhi and the tiny 8″ reproduction created using 3-D rapid prototype printing technology.  The exhibition “Tourists and Travelers” is up at Eyebeam from June 21st through July 19th, check it out! Nice Rhizome.org posting about it today fyi:


I will be posting more images soon!

Below – Treadmill Installation from the reenactment re-installed showing the footsteps video and the new stop action piece compiling over 6000 screen shots taken to document the entire march through Second Life, one taken every 60 seconds. Video of the install will be up soon!

Treadmill re-installed with stop action video.

MGandhi in cardboard using Pepakura papercraft techniques on a large scale, same size as Michaelangelo’s David!

17\' Cardboard Gandhi 2008

8″ Rapid Prototype 3-D Polymer Print of the MGandhi avatar from Second Life.


Final stage of assembly of the giant Gandhi, just after attaching the head.

Final assembly.


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the 240th mile

After delaying the start of the march until 4:00pm Eastern time, 1:00pm SL time, I was finally able to begin walking the last miles of the reenactment. Second Life was experiencing a major outage over most of the early morning hours well into the afternoon. After an incredibly interesting day of walking, with several very large groups of marchers, three of us completed the 240th mile at 9:26 Eastern time. Above is a picture above looking out on the sea from the exact point where the last mile was ticked off the odometer. More details on an amazing and crazy day will be posted here tomorrow. For now, peace! ps – I will be walking on a Gandhi inspired walk in real life tomorrow here in NYC. Check it out – pure coincidence…http://www.satyagrahanyc.org/home.php I am really looking forward to walking in the real word after walking for nearly a month in a virtual world. More soon…

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I’ve released this important announcement – hope to see you there!

Reenactment: The Salt Satyagraha Online – Gandhi’s March to Dandi in Second Life – Last Day of the March!

April 5th, 12-6pm
Eyebeam, New York City and in Second Life.

Final steps, Eyebeam Island Saturday, April 5th, after 5pm:


Saturday, April 5th marks the culmination of Joseph DeLappe’s 22 days and 240 miles of walking on a treadmill to control his Gandhi avatar walking across Second Life to re-enact the Mahatma’s “Salt March to Dandi”, the seminal 1930’s protest against the British Salt Act of 1882. On this, the final day of walking both on the treadmill at Eyebeam, New York City, and in Second Life, the public is invited to either visit Eyebeam to witness the final steps of the march or join MGandhi Chakrabarti in Second Life to virtually walk the final miles.

The final steps of the march will occur on the Eyebeam Island in Second Life, MGandhi Chakrabarti will arrive some time after 5:00pm Eastern time:


Otherwise please join MGandhi Chakrabarti in Second Life this week where he will be marching between the hours of 12noon and 6pm daily until April 5th, 2008.

Coinciding with the original dates of the 1930’s March, DeLappe began the reenactment to coincide with the actual dates of the original march from March 12th to April 6, 1930. The performance will be completed on Sunday, April 6th with a ritual making of the Salt at the virtual reproduction of the monument to the Salt March at Dandi on Eyebeam Island.

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I walked 12 miles yesterday, for a total of 194 miles, 46 to go!



Spent quite a bit of time in the regions of ElvenValley, ElvenStone and Elf Haven – amazing sims of Lord of the Rings role play – met my first Hobbit, a few dwarves, etc. – really quite well made environments complete with secret passages (invited to go into a cellar where I was led through a secret door into an underground area).

Second Life crashed again yesterday, down for about 1/2 hour. Otherwise continuing to explore – two images here of hearty souls who decided to join me. I found Bambi (above left) with a group of dwarves, she was great, really kept up with me and seemed to genuinely find the walking quite engaging – the sense of discovery and truly working to find what is around the next hill is truly invigorating, perhaps to me, even more so as I must physically walk to get there.

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Distanced walked on as of yesterday – 145.5 miles. 94.5 miles and 8 days of walking to go!

I will be starting again today at 12noon.

An extended interview with me about the project has been published in The Looking Glass.

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I will be starting out a little bit later today as I have already covered 43 miles – will be doing around 7 or so today. Find myself able to do roughly 2 miles an hour that includes stopping to chat with people and taking necessary breaks. Walking will commence at 2pm Eastern time today. See you there!

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I will be starting at 12 noon Thursday, March 13, 2008 in the Mauve Public Sandbox. Come join me, walk as little or as far as you like.

Special note – I will be walking into the evening tomorrow until around 8pm at Eyebeam during the opening for the Feedback exhibition:


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