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MGandhi Chakrabarti completes the reenactment of Gandhi’s 1930-31 prison term post-Salt March in Second Life on January 26th, 2010.  To celebrate his release I’m planning a two-tiered event.  First will be three live, “hootenanny” concerts featuring live, voice chat singing of songs of freedom and protest – all taking place on a festival concert stage currently being created inside Gandhi’s prison compound in SL. There are three scheduled sets on the 26th, 10am, 6pm and 11pm SLT (Pacific Daylight Time).  I am currently working on making available a live stream of these events – visit the blog for the gg hootenanny for further info:  http://gghootenanny.blogspot.com

The second part of this event is global call for gamers and residents of online communities to singalong in their particular online environments!  This is a “global gaming singalong” – thing Nam June Paike’s “Global Groove”…

Visit the blog for the event for further info:  http://gghootenanny.blogspot.com

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