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I did a lecture last week at Brown University to Mark Tribe’s students in the Department of Modern Culture & Media. This was my first opportunity to lecture regarding the Gandhi reenactment – these speaking opportunities provide a forum to talk through the ideas and concepts regarding the work. The following is a blog post by ben who attended the talk – he makes some fairly spot on insights regarding the project:


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Take a look:


These are not in any particular order at this time – watch the slide show – these are virtually all of the manually recorded screenshots I took during the march reenactment.

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I’ve been very busy with all else in life since completing the reenactment two weeks ago.  I am currently in the process of creating extensive documentation to be located on my website – hope to have all up by Wednesday this week – http://www.delappe.net.    I am also in the process of developing a number of works for exhibition at Eyebeam in June at the end of my residency – these various works will all have been inspired by the Salt Satyagraha Online.  Stay tuned for more info as these works move forward.

Here are links to two stories published online in recent weeks.  The first one is from NYC24  produced by Columbia University – a nicely done piece by Elizabeth Stark who spent quite a bit of time with visiting with me while conducting the reenactment.  Especially of note the short video of me explaining the forward movement controller built into the treadmill: http://nyc24.org/2008/issue4/story4/

Another piece, more of a review, was published in the Brooklyn Rail: Critical Perspectives on Art Politics and Culture based on the writer’s visit to Eyebeam during the rather chaotic opening of the Feedback show:  http://brooklynrail.org/2008/04/artseen/joseph-delappe-gandhis-march-to-dandi

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Salt Marchers at the virtual Dandi monumenton the treadmill

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MGandhi with some of the group of marchers with him as they arrived at the Dandi memorial on Eyebeam island just after 5pm (http://slurl.com/secondlife/Eyebeam%20Island/128/213/45) – the scheduled end of the march – due to SL being down most of the day, we were actually only 2 miles into the final ten so the walking continued from here. A bit of a chaotic day!

Here we are at quite literally the last step of the march – at that very point on this sim we reached the “end of the world” as these edges to nothingness in Second Life are commonly referred. Cinco and Qyzzql were with me for the last three miles of the walk. It was truly a moment of great excitement and relief – particularly after a very troubling day of system wide outages for SL which lasted for several hours and delayed the start of the final day of the march by four hours.

mile 240

He we are, looking out into the sea just after reaching the 240 mile mark (I’ve kept track of my mileage, btw, with a bicycle odometer converted for use on the treadmill).

Cinco, MGandhi and Qyxxql.

Just before reaching the end of the march, Cinco took us to a most extraordinary location called “Network Culture”, where there is an interactive recreation of the “Gitmo” interment camp at Guantanomo Bay, Cuba. One is able to take part in a simulated experience of arriving at the camp in a military transport plane, all the while straining to view what is going on through the sim provided black hood. You emerge in a supplicant position inside one of the kennel-like holding areas duplicated from the original layout of this notorious camp. Quite a chilling and sobering experience in an otherwise uplifting day: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Network%20Culture/232/85/25

Gandhi reenacting the famous photograph from Tianamen Square, 1989, this taken outside the “Palestinian Holocaust Museum” which appears to be under construction.

Just prior to this, we visited a fascinating location “Islam dot net”:


Very well done sim that uses directional arrows to walk one through the steps of a pilgrimage to Mecca.

Gyovanna and her friend joined me for walking some of the last miles – in RL she is in Brazil – she walked with me three or four times during the last two weeks of the reenactment – a great walker – always keeping up with me and referring to my avatar as “Mr. Gandhi” – very pleasant and polite company!

Another dragon! Here I am with LnyLnyLyn aka Lenny Correa, my very capable intern here at Eyebeam – he has been indispensible in helping to facilitate this project! Great to see him pop up in world routinely over the course of the journey.

After our stop at Eyebeam island, we made our way to Paris, arriving, of course, in the subway station.

I believe this is MGandhi jumping off the Eiffel Tower – yes, he is falling, not flying!

One more image of the group posing at the Dandi monument.

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A recounting of the last day of the march by Qyxxql Merlin and Cinco Pizzicato on their blogs, many good pictures! These are the two hardy avatars pictured with me at the water’s edge in my previous post. Thanks guys!

I will have more for you later – slept in today first time in months! Now off to walk NYC in today’s Gandhi march noted in the previous post.

Thanks Qyxxql Merlin and Cinco Pizzicato – see you again in SL.

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